Uses the same technology as the proven Thermosafe Type A Induction Heater
Lighter and easier to handle, ideal where height is restricted
Two heaters can be stacked to heat full height of drum
110v operation

Thermosafe Induction Heater Type BTo complement the longstanding and successful 240v Thermosafe Type A, our 110v Type B model is available, ideal where height is restricted, or for heating smaller containers.  Two Type B heaters can also be stacked and operated at  110v or 240v.

A single Type B heater can heat the lower section of a 200L steel drum to around 110C.  Two heaters can be stacked to enable the full height of the drum to reach approximately these temperatures.

Just like the Thermosafe Type A, the Type B is suitable for use in hazardous areas, certified to ATEX and IECEx standards (zones 1 and 2).


Single Phase up to 120v, 50/60Hz ac
Overall diameter: 743mm
Current / power consumption:  23A / 1500W
Internal diameter: 610mm
Overall height: 425mm
Class II Appliance
Weight: 30kg
Ingress Protection IP66
Hazardous Area Certification.
Standards: EN 60079-0:2004, EN 60079-7:2003, EN 31241-0:2006, EN61241-1:2004
EC-Type Examination Certificate Number: Sira 08ATEX3101X
IECEx Examination Certificate Number:
IECEx SIR 08.0037X
Ex II 2 GD  Ex e II T3  Ex tD A21 T200C   (Zones 1 and 2)