InteliHeat FlexiPlus Zone 1 Standard Inventory

ihibcdgWith standard sizes to fit 5Gal(25L) to 330Gal(1200L) containers as well as gas cylinders, these jackets are ideal for gentle warming and to avoid winter freezing. A unique self limiting design ensure safe operating conditions are maintained even in the presence of hazardous gasses and dusts without the need for a thermostat.

A self limiting temperature will be maintained on the container wall (see individual product specifications for more details).

Thermostats are available to reduce the temperature if required.

InteliHeat FlexiPlus Zone 1 Standard Inventory

* InteliHeat Flexiplus Zone 1 standard products are able to maintain a set temperature above the ambient temperature. Eg. The 5Gal heating jacket will heat to 40℃ (72℉) above the ambient when operated at 240Vac. As such, with a 20℃ (68℉) ambient temperature, the container wall temperature will be around 60℃ (140℉).

** 275Gal (1000L) / 330Gal (1200L) Zone 1 standard heating jacket only for use with metal frame plastic liner IBCs, other types of tote should use a high power / custom heating jacket. One heating jacket size to fit both size totes, specific insulated lids are available to fit each size of tote.

Note: Standard Inventory products for indoor use or outdoor under shelter only. High power and custom heating jacket are available for outdoor use if used with a manufacturer supplied waterproof cover and controller.