InteliHeat FlexiPlus Zone 1 Standard Inventory

ihibcdgWith standard sizes to fit 5Gal(25L) to 330Gal(1200L) containers as well as gas cylinders, these jackets are ideal for gentle warming and to avoid winter freezing. A unique self limiting design ensure safe operating conditions are maintained even in the presence of hazardous gasses and dusts without the need for a thermostat.

A self limiting temperature will be maintained on the container wall (see individual product specifications for more details).

Thermostats are available to reduce the temperature if required.


Many of our clients in USA use the term C1D1 to define their potentially explosive atmosphere. This refers to the North American standard Class One Division One. The standard embraces both C1Z1 (Zone One) and C1Z0 (Zone Zero) environments.  The USA/Canada IECEx standards split the C1Div1 standard into these two parts. Almost all above-ground, industrial areas previously designated Div1 can be assigned the more recent “state of the art” Zone1 certification (subject to local evaluation by a trained and approved person)

We are certified and able to design and manufacture heaters to the C1Z1 standards within agreed safety defined limitations and are happy to discuss your project in detail regarding the suitability of our Zone One products, should you have previously specified Division One by default. Refer to National Electrical Code (NEC) articles 501 and 505 for a more comprehensive description of the two types.

InteliHeat FlexiPlus Zone 1 Standard Inventory

* InteliHeat Flexiplus Zone 1 standard products are able to maintain a set temperature above the ambient temperature. Eg. The 5Gal heating jacket will heat to 40℃ (72℉) above the ambient when operated at 240Vac. As such, with a 20℃ (68℉) ambient temperature, the container wall temperature will be around 60℃ (140℉).

** 275Gal (1000L) / 330Gal (1200L) Zone 1 standard heating jacket only for use with metal frame plastic liner IBCs, other types of tote should use a high power / custom heating jacket. One heating jacket size to fit both size totes, specific insulated lids are available to fit each size of tote.

Note: Standard Inventory products for indoor use or outdoor under shelter only. High power and custom heating jacket are available for outdoor use if used with a manufacturer supplied waterproof cover and controller.