Thermosafe Technologies LLC, trading as Inteliheat, is a wholly owned subsidiary registered in the State of Texas, and was set up to predominately serve the USA, Canada and Mexico, as well as South America. Our large 3PL warehouse in Miami enables express deliveries to any North American location, and our skilled team of engineers based in Dallas are able to offer helpful technical support and advice, offering years of experience in a wide variety of engineering contexts across North America.

Our worldwide HQ is located in Haverhill, Suffolk, a market town on the edge of the Cambridge technology cluster. Our main manufacturing facility and research and development teams are based in Haverhill. For more information, visit our UK website.

英特海利贸易(成都)有限公司 (Inteliheat Technologies (Chengdu) Limited) is our wholly owned subsidiary located in the province of Sichuan, China, and serves the whole of the Greater China Region. For more information in Chinese, please visit our China website.

We also have Distributors and Representatives in most industrialised countries worldwide. Each sales partner is selected for their abilities and knowledge of specific vertical markets. We refer potential customers to the most appropriate partner who can give the best level of support for the market area.