Designed to heat 205L drums or smaller steel vessels.
THERMOSAFE is a proven alternative to multi-drum ovens and the
solution to a host of process heating problems, even in Hazardous Areas









The THERMOSAFE is a single induction coil, wholly encapsulated in a cylinder made from a glass reinforced resin specifically developed for chemical plants. The cylinder is simply placed over the drum. Contact is not required.

The coil is connected to a single phase AC mains supply and generates heat direct and uniformly in the drum wall. Energy transfer is by alternating magnetic field and thus there is no heat transfer by the conventional and inefficient means of radiation or convection. As there are no hot elements, the heat remains substantially cooler than the drum being heated.


The complete absence of hot elements and the encapsulation of all electrical components enables unattended use, overnight if required. THERMOSAFE can even be used in hazardous areas. Uniform heating without hot spots reduces the risk of product degradation. Accidental spillage does not present a fire hazard and personnel can work comfortably in close proximity. Together, these features allow material to be heated at point-of-use, thus eliminating the transport of hot drums.


The low system temperature and lack of heat transfer contribute to high efficiency of the induction heater. Power usage is extremely low at only 2.25kW. Although originally designed with safety in mind, the heaters have won several awards for efficiency and productivity. Independent figures indicate energy savings of over 50% when compared with conventional radiant drum heaters, and more than 90% in comparison with drum ovens.


Thermosafe Heat AnimationThermosafe Heat AnimationBy using the entire drum wall to input energy, the fastest practical heating rate can be achieved without product degradation. Heating times will depend on the contents of the drum but, to give a rough idea, the rate to temperature rise of a typical viscous organic liquid with be about 15°C per hour. The speed is further improved by the initial response of induction heating. Typically the THERMOSAFE has proved to be 2-4 times faster than ovens.


With ingress protection to IP66, simple smooth surfaces and no moving parts, the induction heaters are ideal for use in clean environments. They can even be hosed down during use.


In addition to being operated a point-of-use and integrated into the process, the heaters are used extensively as replacements for, and alternatives to, drum ovens. A key point to note is that far fewer individual heaters are required than the drum capacity of an oven. For example, one particular award winning installation of three THERMOSAFE units heats 20 drums per day. The ease at which capacity can be adjusted to meet varying throughput demands and the varying heating requirements of different materials is in stark contrast to the fixed facility of an oven.


The induction heater’s unique features enable the same piece of equipment to be used in a wide range of applications to heat drums and a variety of other metal items, including gas bottles, small-scale reactors and process vessels.Complete access to the drum while heating enables pumps and stirrers to be employed. The drum and heater can be integrated into the system, often eliminating the first process vessel, and continuous feeding of material, at regulated temperature and flow rate, can easily be achieved.

Uniform heating and instant response makes the heater ideal for removing residues from drums, significantly reducing wastage. With full drums, these same features enable very rapid removal of solid drum contents by melting the outer layer of the material for rim liquefying.


Since 1985, THERMOSAFE heaters have been supplied to more than 60 countries. With no heating elements and no moving parts, experience has shown a seemingly unlimited life, with literally no maintenance, even in harsh environments.