Ex-stock and customised base heaters.
May be used on their own, or with other Inteliheat Heating products.
Self-limiting and digital control options.

GrafHEAT base heaters form part of our new and advanced range of industrial process heating solutions which use our patented and national award-winning GrafHEAT heating technology. Standard options available ex-stock for everything from 0.3 Gallon (1L) pots to 330G (1250L) IBCs, with a wide capability for customised solutions specific to individual applications.

Safe to run 24/7, GrafHEAT devices are offered in either self-limiting formats (where power density can be customised during manufacture) or with additional digital control packages, with options in both 100-120v and 208-240v.

This unique product has been developed by incorporating carefully tuned and optimised Graphene within a patented polymer composite. Our unique heating technology uses positive temperature coefficient (PTC) effect to control both the power and temperature of the heating devices. The applied solutions are extremely safe and economical to use for small and large industrial applications.

GrafHEAT folding IBC base heater

GrafHEAT compact drum base heater

GrafHEAT custom drum base heater