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Tried and tested all over the world, our range of Flexible Heating Jackets simply wrap around the vessel, clip together and the thermostat can be set to the desired temperature*.

NADrumGroup(nobg)o   High-grade thermal insulation to reduce heat-loss and increase efficiency while providing protection for the operator.

o   Fitted with adjustable retaining straps and quick release buckles.

o   Ideal for a wide variety of plastic, fiber and metal containers – drums, tubs, buckets, kegs, totes and IBCs.

o   Delivers even heat over a large surface area, minimizing the possibilities of damaging the product.

o   Fit and forget – no regular maintenance required.

o   Safe to use 24/7.

o   Adjustable or fixed thermostat options.

o   Available in custom sizes.

The Standard range

– Ideal for gently heating, will typically maintain materials around 95°F(35°C).

– Fixed internal thermostat: 122°F(50°C).

– Polyurethane coated black nylon used on both sides of the jacket (inner and outer) to ensure maximum wear resistance.

The HiHeat range

– Provides a boost in power for applications needing a faster heat-rate up to approximately    140-158°F(60-70°C).

– Fitted with 32-194°F(0-90°C) adjustable thermostat.

– Black nylon fabric outer layer.

– High-temperature silicone-coated glass-cloth inner layer.

The High Power range

– Maximum power to reach highest temperatures.

– 32-320°F(0-160°C) adjustable thermostat fitted as standard. (HPNA/D1/OR model: 32-194°F)

– Special formulated high-temperature, chemically resistant silicon-coated glass-cloth used on both sides of the jacket to extend product life in demanding applications.

IBC / Tote Heating Jackets – 275 & 330 Gal (1000L and 1200L)

Single-circuit ‘IBC1’ model

– For gentle warming.

– Reduce viscosity and avoid winter freezing.

– Cost effective alternative when faster heating times are not required.

– Fits both 275Gal and 330Gal totes. Specific lids are available for each size to reduce heat-loss to a minimum.

– Heavy-duty waterproof cover can be used for extra protection when used outdoors in bad weather.

Dual-circuit ‘IBC2’ model

– Ideal for customers requiring liquids to be heated as rapidly and evenly as possible.

– Two high power heating circuits enable the top and bottom of each jacket to be separately controlled.

– Fits both 275Gal and 330Gal totes. Specific lids for each size to reduce heat-loss to a minimum.

– Constructed in HiHeat style.

– Super high power ‘IBC3’ style can also be supplied for appropriate materials.

Custom Size Flexible Heating Jackets

– Service for non-standard containers, vessels, pipes, valves, equipment, etc…

– Suitable for virtually any size, application, and specifications.

– All jackets designed and manufactured with short lead-times.

– Indoor / outdoor styles.