ETL Listed HeatersETL Approved for Class I Division 2 Locations
Meets UL and CSA Standards

200L Drum Heating Jackets

We offer three ranges of Flexible Heating Jacket for standard 55Gal / 200L drums: Standard, HiHeat and High Power.

The Standard CID2 range

  • Ideal for gently warming and to avoid winter freezing.
  • Typically maintains materials around 95°F (35°C).
  • Polyurethane coated black nylon is used on both sides of the jacket (inner and outer) to ensure maximum wear resistance.
  • Fixed internal thermostat: 122°F (50°C).

The HiHeat CID2 range

  • Provides a boost in power for applications needing a faster heat-rate.
  • Black nylon fabric for the outer layer.
  • High-temperature silicone-coated glass-cloth inner layer.

The High Power CID2 range

  • Maximum power to reach highest temperatures.
  • Ideal for melting solids.
  • Typically maintains materials around 158°F 70°C).
  • Fixed internal thermostat: 194°F (90°C) – Higher temperatures available on request.
  • Chemically resistant silicon-coated glass-cloth used on both sides of the jacket to extend product life in demanding applications.