Many of our customers require short term use of heating equipment for specific projects, laboratory trials, or capital requisition calculations. To meet this need we have established a versatile rental program.

Rental Products Available

  • Thermosafe induction heaters,  Type-A
  • Faratherm induction base heaters
  • Ex area temperature controllers and safe area power controllers
  • Digiheat base heaters
  • Flexible heating jackets for drums and IBCs from our standard range

How Does It Work?

For a fixed weekly/monthly fee, units are delivered to your site.  We will first agree on an initial rental period, which can be extended thereafter by agreement. If at the end of the rental period you decide to purchase the unit, we will offer a fixed percentage rebate of the rental charges incurred. We will usually ask for a rental deposit which is fully refundable upon the safe return of the rental unit(s).

Key Benefits

  • Prove the concept pre-purchase – helps you fill in the dreaded expenditure form!
  • No capital tied-up and/or enables delayed capital expenditure
  • Open ended contracts
  • Fixed percentage rental rebate offer if unit is purchased at the end of the rental period
  • Increase your short-term production/process capacity with additional units

Ordering Information

Send your requirements to Inteliheat and we will contact you to arrange everything.
For purchase price details go to our Quote Me! page, complete the brief technical feedback form, and we will respond within one business day, allowing for any international time zone differences.

Terms & Conditions

Our standard Ts & Cs apply, with the following in addition:
Minimum rental periods apply, subject to location and availability.
Rental deposit varies according to total product value.
Rental rebate (upon purchase) only available for up to 3 months worth of rent, and when the purchase is made at the end of the rental period. This offer cannot be carried forward to any future purchase, and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Rebate available on purchased product only.
Rental deposit will not be refunded (or fully refunded) if the hired unit is returned in a damaged condition.
Customer is fully responsible for ensuring rental unit is safely and securely packaged/crated for the return journey.